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Mar 29, 20224 min read

Home automations that improve your life and wellness

The proliferation of smart home devices is allowing us to be more productive, save money and enjoy an upgraded lifestyle.


Nikos Drandakis

Flyway CEO

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When we started working around the idea of Flyway, my team and I thought about how we'd like to experience life inside the homes we are selling.

You see, we are users of our own service (eating our own dog food)! We like staying in second homes in the cities we love, so we wanted to build the perfect living conditions, for ourselves first and foremost. We thought that if it worked out for us, it would also work for all like-minded people.

There are some elements of my home I absolutely love, such as the modern, sleek design and furniture from solid, yet elegant materials. But I also love the functionality my home's devices provide, to make my life better and more joyful. No wonder, I was firm to bringing all those devices within the Flyway Homes we offer to you. Some of these devices fall in the category of "smart home automation," but the truth is, we went the extra mile incorporating the most amazing devices from different fields.

Smart thermostats, smart lights, smart shades, and keyless access are considered pretty standard nowadays, but still, it's the way we have implemented them that gives extra functionality, choosing the best brands in the space. What else you’ll experience in a Flyway:

Sonos sound system

Sonos is a set of wireless speakers that I can't live without. It makes it easy to play what you love—music, podcasts, shows, audiobooks, radio, and more. You control everything from your app and split the sound between rooms in all possible combinations. We are setting up various Sonos speakers in each Flyway room, resulting in the best possible Hi-Res audio. (Sonos website)

Eightsleep pod

Sleep is maybe the most fundamental pillar of health, wellness, and even longevity (you may want to read Matthew Walker's "Why we sleep" to learn how to make sleep your weapon for health and wellness). I have been using the Eightsleep Pod for the last 2 years, and it has changed my life! It is a mattress cover that allows you to control the temperature of your bed while you sleep, and every morning it gives you detailed reports about your last night's sleep and various biometrics like Heart Rate, HRV, and more.

Here's the best part: you can regulate the bed's temperature only on your side of the bed, while you can have different settings on your partner's side. How cool is that? We have decided that it was only fair to help our clients experience the best possible sleep quality with the help of technology (here for more).

Toto washlet

if you've ever traveled to Japan, you have undoubtedly experienced these advanced electronic washlets in the toilet that take care of your health and hygiene, while providing a joyful experience with warm covers. Each Flyway Home is equipped with the leading device in the field: Toto from Japan. Besides the warm covers and warm-water bidet functionality, they provide a much-needed sanitization for maximum health and cleanliness. (Toto website)

There are so many other devices we'll install in your favorite Flyway home, but I will leave you with this:

TopBrewer coffee maker

I'm passionate about coffee, and TopBrewer takes coffee making to another level. I won't say much; just take a look at their website.

No one can argue that we have gone the extra mile in providing a fantastic experience to our homeowners. And one of our brand promises is that we'll go above and beyond to keep upgrading your second home and thus your quality of life. This is ultimately what the Flyway lifestyle is about!

Are you onboard? Check the latest Flyway Homes in London. It'll cost you as little as 1/12 of the home's price, giving you the most fantastic luxury hotel-type experience every time you land in London, in an asset owned by you. Remember that you can use it, sell it when you want, at the price you set, and benefit from any appreciation in the asset’s value proportional to your ownership. This is one of the many upsides of fractional ownership.

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