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Oct 12, 20229 min read

A day in the life of a Flyway Wader Home Owner

Getting in London Real Estate as a foreigner? From morning till dusk, this is how your typical day in your London Second Home could be!


Emma Gavala

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So you just bought ownership in the Flyway Wader Home. Here is a sneak peek of what's in store for you!

7.15 AM — Wake up (or let your EightSleep do it!)

You have configured your Eight Sleep Pod's from your app to wake you up at your desired time. The Pod's Wake Up and GentleRise functions combined wake you up smoothly without disrupting your circadian rhythm. Rather than using light and sound that abruptly wakes you up regardless of where you are in your sleep cycle, your Pod uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake you up without any sound. And if your partner wants to go on sleeping, no harm done. No snooze buttons and loud alarms! The Pod uniquely sends the vibration to your side of the bed.

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7.25 AM — Quick Coffee Time

You make a long Nespresso inside your Ember Mug while you read the morning news on your Home's iPad. Instruct SONOS to play BBC3 with your voice assistant just in the living room speakers, sit back and enjoy the early morning while the sun reflects on the tall iconic buildings of the London skyline. Your Ember Mug keeps your coffee perfectly warm at the ideal temperature you have instructed it to do so from the app.

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8.00 AM — Head for your Morning Exercise

You change into gym clothes you usually leave at Wader to use every time you are back, and you head to the Third Floor of One Crown Place for your morning routine. Some people practice yoga in a quiet separate room while few residents use some state-of-the-art, modern running mills. While jogging, you take the chance to check your sleep biometrics in your Apple Health profile that you've connected with the Eight Sleep app, like your heart and respiratory rates.

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9.00 AM — Back Home to Start the Working Day

You unlock the door with your app silently, but you notice your partner is already up and getting ready. They are heading to Ozone Coffee Roasters for some morning reading and writing time combined with early breakfast and freshly roasted coffee. Unlike you, sipping on the same coffee you made earlier perfectly warm in your Ember Mug, they are a fine coffee aficionado! So, every trip to your London second home is an opportunity to explore all the little cafes of Shoreditch, which are just a short walk away.

You have a few focus hours until your meetings start. You settle on your design desk overlooking the view towards The City, as south as the Shard and The London Eye and kick start your work day.

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11.30 AM — Host your Meeting Guest at a Private Room in One Crown Place

You have a live meet-up scheduled with a professional connection of yours who happens to be in London at the same time as you. This a great occasion to discuss your collaboration plans over a cup of tea! You have booked one of the private meeting rooms of One Crown Place to host your guest far away from the lunchtime crowds. It's quiet, sleek, elegant, and simultaneously a warm place for a chat. You have informed the Concierge to let your guest in, and you simply expect them on the third floor.

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13.00 PM — Lunchtime

It's getting late, and you feel like grabbing a full-blown meal for lunch. On days you are busy with work and meet-ups, you simply grab some fresh stuff from the big M&S around the corner and eat it at home. When you are more relaxed with time, you head to Broadgate Circle and have a proper sit-in lunch, either alone or with Londoner friends and the professional network you love seeing every time you are back. Today, you are tight with time, so you decide to head to this super nearby Italian place called Nyokee, where you discovered they make fantastic, homemade, healthy gnocchi. You grab a hot portion, and in 2 min, you are back in the One Crown Place lift. You sit at the dining table, which is always set up for you and browse some lunchtime news on your smart TV.

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Heading to the Evening

18.00 PM — Cinema at Barbican or City Shopping?

Your partner puts on the table an open-air screening at the Barbican Center, but you must hunt for some presents before returning to your base. Seems like the perfect time window to browse around. You head to the picturesque, classy boutiques in Royal Exchange Street, right behind Bank station, a quick 10 min walk.

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19.20 PM — Grab a drink at Fortnum & Mason

Your partner is still at the screening, so you have some time to kill. The Fortnum and Mason majestic open patio bar is too close and too convenient to resist the temptation! You head there alone with some inspiring reads you've been longing to make.

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20.20 PM — Dinner at The Ned

You reunite with your partner for dinner. It's one of your last days, and you've already savoured Shoreditch's fun, hip places — you had a live jazz night at Pizza East, some food truck guilty pleasures from the open-air Sunday market at Brick Lane, not to mention some good Japanese by Spitalfields. You wanna say goodbye to London on a high note, so you pick one of the restaurants at The Ned private members' club. It's warm, authentic, and close to home after such a full day!

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22.30 PM — Wrapping up the day at home

Sometimes you stroll by the fields of St. Pauls after dinner in The City, but tonight you'd rather go back to Wader and take it easy. You enter and switch on immediately the Philips Hue Lights, which are concealed in various spots of the flat, giving it a cosy, homely ambience according precisely to your mood! All SONOS speakers are on, and you are ready to dose out with some Netflix.

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You might not make it to stay awake all the way through the end of the show, but you still want to get a few more moments of this nightscape — these blurred boundaries between glorious London shining on the outside and you curled up in the warmth of your Second Home!

Did we hype you and you want to savour the Wader Owner Experience? You can request a Free Trial Stay here.

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