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Feb 24, 20222 min read

Flyway Owner Code of Conduct

Flyway Owner rules that make co-ownership work for everyone.


Sanja Ilic

COO & Co-founder

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Flyway Owner Code of Conduct — Why is Diligent Ownership important?

Fractional ownership is built on the premises of equity, transparency, and mutual respect. Core aspects of the Flyway co-ownership model exemplify this: equitable scheduling, transparent splitting of expenses, and mutual respect on decision-making about property issues.

These are crucial principles that make co-ownership work. The role of an omnipresent property manager like Flyway makes everything easier, faster, and more efficient. In other words, the property manager acts as the gatekeeper of those values. However, for co-ownership to be even smoother, Flyway owners agree to play their part and abide by a set of policies.

We strongly believe that acting with conscientiousness as an owner, respecting your community, and treating your property as a true second home, enhances owners’ experience. After all, it is this thoughtfulness that converts an apartment from merely a property into a second home, a home to be enjoyed, lived it, and loved to the fullest.

In this spirit, the rules that Flyway owners agree to follow are the following:

  • Flyway Second Homes are destined solely for the personal use of their legal owners, their families, and their personal guests. All means of monetizing the property for commercial interest are prohibited, such as sub-letting it or renting it for other commercial purposes.

  • Large social gatherings (such as events and parties) that cause disruption for the building residents and the neighborhood are prohibited.

  • Noisy, disorderly, or disruptive behaviors which interfere with another person’s or group’s free exercise of personal, professional or academic pursuits or their ability to sleep, work or study, or use and enjoy one’s own Premises or Apartment Unit are prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to: stereo at high volume, drums, excessive yelling or other types of noise, such as but not limited to, amplified musical instruments, group music rehearsal, and other activities which can be heard outside the Apartment Unit are prohibited. Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Quiet Hours are in effect from 10:00pm to 8:00am Sunday through Thursday evenings, and midnight to 10:00am on Friday and Saturday evenings.

  • No animals are allowed except for dogs (up to one, not weighing more than 30kg), as well as certified service/assistance animals.

  • We strongly encourage Flyway owners to observe local authority rules on parking in the immediate surroundings of the building.

  • Dispose of trash or garbage safely, not allowing it to accumulate during stays.

In the unfortunate scenario, that infringement or negligence of these rules occurs, monetary penalties or temporary suspension of stay rights might ensue.

If you have any questions or you would like to report a concern, please reach out directly to your Flyway Concierge team via the Flyway App or contact us at

If you are a neighbor of a Flyway property and experiencing an issue, please reach out to and we will address it right away.

We are grateful to our community for your understanding and observance of those rules.

We are confident that Flyway owners will exercise wise judgment to avoid violations of the Flyway Code of Conduct and we are convinced that you will help us build a community that rests upon diligence, conscientiousness, care, and respect.

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