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Co-ownership Basics
Feb 14, 20226 min read

7 Benefits of Co-owning A Fully Managed Second Home

7 reasons why a property manager removes all the hassle of second home ownership.


Emma Gavala

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Co-ownership can be an excellent long-term investment that allows you to have actual ownership of your second home at a fraction of the cost. You can read here why it makes financial sense. In this article, however, we’ll focus on non-financial upsides of second home co-ownership to finally make the assessment – is it worth your time and effort?

The idea of managing and maintaining a second home can turn the dream of an enjoyable stay in a favourite destination into a horrible hassle. To a certain extent, at least in the past, that’s been true. With traditional co-ownership, you need to organize, negotiate, and advocate for what's best for you and your property. By the time it comes to actually spend time in your second home, you might feel the holiday or work stay isn't worth the headache.

But what if we said we could remove every single little hassle from your second home experience? That's not an exaggeration either — we've worked hard to create a model where co-owning a second home is truly fuss-free.

We think you might be surprised too — because the financial benefits of fully managed ownership usually take up all of the limelight, the non-financial benefits aren’t often discussed. Read on, and we'll cover the seven benefits of fully managed second home ownership that you didn’t know about.

1. Leave the cleaning to us

What's worse? Worrying about that red wine stain you left, or finding a red wine stain that someone else left? Thankfully you won't have to worry about either scenario when Flyway is taking care of things.

Flyway's professional housekeeping and cleaning teams know how to manage fine fabrics, expensive electronics, and fragile furniture. Your property will be professionally cleaned before and after you spend time in your second home, and we'll continue to provide this service for as long as you stay with us.

Having an always-immaculate second home is just another way Flyway helps you to relax and enjoy the experience.

2. No more mountains of maintenance

Remember when you purchased your first home, and how much you were looking forward to tinkering away on your little piece of paradise? That probably lasted all of two months before you wished you had someone to do all of that back-breaking work for you!

Flyway lets you be the homeowner without having to worry about the homeowner's tasks — especially the tough stuff like maintenance and landscaping. Our fully-managed ownership means that someone is always available to help, should you have any questions about the property.

It doesn't matter whether there's a clogged sink, loose tiles, or an entire roof repair — we'll be on hand to tackle it quickly and efficiently. Even better, we'll endeavor to find problems before they cost you money —  meaning you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in your second home without worrying about anything else.

3. Expert interior design with hand-picked furnishings

One common worry people have is that their second home won't be as comfortable as their normal residence. Well, given that your second home is meant to be for special occasions, shouldn't it feel even more comfortable than your main house?

Behind each Flyway property, there is a dedicated team of interior designers that create a genuine oasis of comfort. They'll create the best color scheme, layout, furniture, and interior design for your new home, so that you, the owner, won’t be overwhelmed by the details. Rest assured by the time you enter your home, we will have equipped it with your absolute comfort in mind! Because at the end of the day, a beautiful home full of lovely furniture is just a waste if it isn't exactly what serves your needs.

4. Quality time, actual ownership

Each Flyway home is split into twelve shares, meaning you can purchase your share for 1/12 of the home’s total price. That 1/12 of ownership also translates to you having access to your new second home for 1/12 of every year — that's 30 days of quality time that you can spend in your new second home with your friends and family, guaranteed.

Perhaps best of all, your share also gives you ownership of the actual real estate and not just a timeshare. That means while you are spending time with loved ones in your second home, you can relax knowing you're also making a strong investment in your future.

5. Every bill is split equally

Normally, splitting the bills on a co-owned property can be a delicate task. But with Flyway's professional management, the bills are divided up for you fairly, at no extra cost.

We split your utilities pro-rata according to your occupancy so that you’re not paying for services you’re not using. We also split the general household expenses, including maintenance and landscaping costs. This ensures that every owner owes a fair share of the money without going through any complicated paperwork.

All owners pay their share of bills into our LTD account, from which Flyway will pay for everything on your behalf. You will have full transparency of all bills through the Flyway app.

6. A connected home of the future

Like us, you’re looking towards the future — that’s why we are investing heavily in making sure all Flyway homes are ready for a connected tomorrow. While we’re not quite ready for Rosie from the Jetsons, you might be surprised at how close we actually are to a completely automated home.

You can expect rich-sounding music across your whole home with top-of-the-line Sonos music systems, smart locks, and smart appliances that you can access from anywhere, as well as lighting systems that respond to your presence, or even your voice.

That way, you can come home to your second house that knows who you are, has all your favorite tunes playing, the oven preheating, and the lights on without you lifting a finger. That's the second home living of the future that every Flyway customer deserves.

7. Focus on the memories, not the details

We understand that second homeownership isn't for everyone — ordinarily, it can be quite the hassle. However, Flyway takes care of everything so that all that is left for you is to immerse yourself in your stay in your favorite destination.

We will draw up an agreement that spells out how you'll share the costs and responsibilities of your second home. From that point on, Flyway will manage everything for you. We'll take care of maintenance, landscaping, management fees, and taxes, leaving you to concentrate on what matters to you most — relaxing in a beautiful place that creates fond memories to last a lifetime.

After all, that's what a second home is all about, right? If you'd like to find out more about how Flyway can help you find your perfect second home, please do reach out to us, we'd be delighted to help.

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