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Co-ownership Basics
Jun 6, 20223 min read

Can I leave my personal belongings in my Flyway?

Will there be space? Will it be safe? Here is how we make sure your personal items are waiting for you when you open the door to your second home!


Emma Gavala

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A house can never really be called a 'home' without your personal touch. We know this at Flyway. We chat with many Flyway prospect owners, and even if most of you are convinced about the merits of co-owning your second home, you are often troubled by practical worries – Can I leave my personal belongings in my co-owned property? Will there be space? Will it be safe?

Let's clarify those questions for you.

You can absolutely do this!

The short answer to ease your concern is that – yes, you can absolutely do this! All Flyway homes have designated safe storage space for you and all other co-owners.

When you own a Flyway second home, you bring your personal belongings because you want to, not because you have to. Remember that all Flyway properties are fully equipped and ready to be lived in. This includes the highest quality of furnishings, smart devices and daily essentials (such as a fully stocked pantry and fridge).

In this context, having personal items stored is entirely your choice.

To give you this option, dedicated, safe storage space within your second home is guaranteed by Flyway. On the one hand, this shall help you travel light to London. On the other hand, your personal touches should add to this warm feeling of 'homeliness' in your pied-à-terre.

You leave it behind; you find it back in its place.

We'd love to save you time from unpacking and tidying up every time you land in London. With your permission, we'll have it all sorted out in their designated spot, by the time you reach.

This could include:

  • Filling up your wardrobe

  • Arranging your toiletries in the bathroom

  • Delivering any personal parcels you might have shipped to your London address

  • Organising your workstation with your personal folders, books and items

We'll take care of everything before your arrival. This is the essence of a fully-managed second home: it's 100% ready, waiting for you as you open the door. You simply land and enjoy your stay!

What about other co-owners' belongings?

You won't have to see other co-owners' personal belongings like they don't have to see yours. This is a perfect example of your asynchronous co-existence. You don't need to know who the other owners are or ever have to come in contact with them. There might be 2 up to 11 more co-owners with a share or more in the home you picked. You all have the same rights, from the nitty-gritty details within your legal documentation to practical aspects like storing your belongings.

Having the space and freedom to store your stuff is a small but important reminder that this is your property when you occupy it. It's your asset, and you have an ownership interest in it. This automatically gives you the right of use with all this comes with.

Small practical details like being able to store your personal belongings are important to you, so they are important to us, too, as your Property Manager.

A Flyway home is neither a hotel nor an impersonal timeshare condo in which many guests alternate. It's your second home. It's yours to enjoy for the number of days you need and yours to have the necessary space to store the items you wish.

Do you have more questions like this that would help you decide if co-ownership is the right track for you? Browse our FAQs or shoot us a message below. We know this is a big decision, and co-ownership might sound like a totally new concept. We'd love to hear all your thoughts and concerns and address them one by one over a call.

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