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Apr 20, 20223 min read

Flyway Explained — An elevator pitch for your clients

What is Flyway in a nutshell and why it's worth your client's attention. Use this pitch to introduce why it makes sense investing in a city second home with our co-ownership model.


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For many potential buyers, the concept of ‘fractional ownership’ might be totally new. Even if the Flyway model is a perfect fit for their second home needs and budget, you have to make the effort to introduce the concept with clarity and explain what they stand to gain.

Fear not; we have a simple pitch ready for you.

The Elevator Pitch

Flyway is the smart way to own a second home at a fraction of the price. It is a cost-effective alternative to full homeownership, hotels, and rentals when you visit a city frequently.

Flyway buys properties in the world’s most popular cities, like London, and converts them into a property-specific LTD with 12 shares. You can then get the share of the property that exactly meets your investment budget and user needs. A 1/12 share gives you up to 30 nights of stay in your city home.

You own the property, not a block of time. Owning it means you can use the home when you want, sell your share when you choose, and benefit from any appreciation in the asset.

Flyway deals with the hassle of ownership, you reap the benefits. Forget about cleaning, maintenance, splitting bills, and agreeing on home improvements — Flyway manages the property on your behalf.

Meanwhile, all about your second home can be accessed in your pocket, anytime, through the Flyway App. This is where you book your desired stays, from last-minute getaways, work stays, or your annual holidays. Simply land in your favorite city, and enjoy your second home.

What Makes Flyway Unique

Make sure you highlight the reasons why getting into co-ownership is a smart choice. Focus on the dual proposition of Flyway Second Homes: an investment, as well as a luxury property to enjoy during your city visits.

Flyway is a Smart Investment

As a buyer you will:

  • Own prime real estate at a fraction of the cost.

  • Pocket any appreciation in your share’s value. Your share might appreciate (or depreciate) according to housing market trends and it’s up to you to decide if/when to sell.

  • Resell your share, at the price you set. As a Flyway owner, you are free to trade your share, much like any other investment asset, when you choose to.

  • Diversify your property ownership in various prime locations. Instead of locking your entire capital into one property, you can have shares in multiple Flyways around the world.

  • Stop wasting money in expensive hotels and rentals and instead invest your capital in a property that matches your taste, budget, and stay needs.

Flyway is a Smart Second Home Choice

As a buyer you will :

  • Enjoy upscale living in second homes packed with smart features, in the heart of famous locations.

  • Spend time for work or leisure, when you want, without the pains of second homeownership. Flyway takes care of property management, interior design, home improvements, scheduling, and bill payments, among others.

  • Vacation to multiple destinations. You could own 1/12 in a London flat and 1/12 in a Paris pied-à-terre, spending 30 days in each for example.

For additional points, check this article or if your clients have additional questions, please direct them to our Buyer FAQs.

Is there something you'd like to share with us from your experience pitching Flyway? Book a Call with our team. We are really grateful to have you on board and would love your feedback.

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