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Mar 10, 20224 min read

5 Big Ways you Benefit as a Flyway Partner

What’s in it for you, when you partner with Flyway? You'll delight your second home customers, you'll boost your income but there is even more it.


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Co-ownership is turning the real estate industry upside down (for good reason!) and we want you, the pillars of it, real estate agents, to be on board. At Flyway, we are driven by the conviction that our work unlocks a huge new market that cannot be simply measured by today's second home market size. Instead, it should be seen by its potential to vastly increase the opportunities in second home sales, exactly because out of the blue, it becomes much cheaper and much easier to own and enjoy a great second home. To realize this potential, we want to work hand in hand with you!

We are going the extra mile to reward all the forward-looking agents who can help us spread second home co-ownership in European cities, starting from London (more on the agenda loading!)

We are grateful for the industry support we already have and we want to continue to amplify the pool of people who believe in fractional ownership as much as we do.

What’s in it for you, you might ask, besides of course delighting your customers? We gathered (some) of the reasons why you will benefit when you join the Flyway Partners global community.


You will earn up to 6% commission every time you refer a qualified Buyer and we successfully close a deal with them. Our commissions’ structure is set on a progressive scale so that the more shares you help us sell, the more we will reward you! More precisely, our commissions are set as follows:

  • 3% — 1 or 2 shares

  • 4% — 3 or 4 shares

  • 5% — 5 or 6 shares

  • 6% — 7+ shares


Think of all those times you showed a second home to an interested buyer but the price point was uncomfortably high for them. What about those loving the property but were reluctant to commit to such a major purchase? Co-ownership can truly amplify the pool of potential buyers, simply by making second home ownership more affordable. Time to move away from luxury home ‘window-shopping’ and empower buyers with real, hassle-free options they can afford.

Enhance your inventory

One Flyway property equals 12 shares, and ultimately up to 12 deal opportunities. Yes, you guessed right – it is entirely possible to sell a second home repeatedly, to many buyers (and of course earn a commission on each sale!) One of the upsides of our co-ownership LTD legal structure is that we ‘virtually’ boost inventory in prime, highly sought-after locations, like London, Paris, and other big capitals.

Ease into it

Forget about real estate transactions that are lengthy and slow. With Flyway’s streamlined legal processes, a deal can be closed in a matter of days. This means that you will get your commission fast, with minimum involvement on your side. You literally just make the buyer introduction and we take over from there. Whether it's organizing viewings, answering client questions, or dealing with contracts & paperwork, we are on it. You make the outreach, the rest is on our plate!

Embrace Innovation

Co-ownership is the new dawn of real estate (our founder refers to it as the ‘Internet Era of Homes in this blog you can read if you fancy!) New business models enabled by technology disrupt the market for more growth. Partnering with Flyway is not simply boosting your income. It’s also boosting your real estate brand and driving more business by proving how you are ahead of the curve. Besides, the more widespread co-ownership becomes, the more you stand to gain out of repeated buyer referrals.

Download the Partner Playbook now and start referring your clients. If you’d like to talk to us, book a meeting with a member of our team. We are really excited to welcome you as an extended part of the Flyway team.

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