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Who gets Christmas?

Wondering who gets home on Christmas holidays?Our scheduling system is designed to be equitable, and each owner is guaranteed one Special Day per share. We recognize you may not always secure your first choice of a Spacial Day in a given year (e.g.. Christmas).

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How it works

The access of each homeowner to heir Flyway home depends on the number of shares they own. For each share you'll have 44days.Book your stays 8 days to 24 months in advance, and also short notice stays in case your date is just 2 to 7 days after de date of booking.

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What you get with each share

1 / 82 / 83 / 84 / 8
Always stay days
up to 44up to 88up to 132up to 176
Special days
Concurrent stays
Max duration of stay
15 days29 days43 days57 days

Frequently asked questions

How much time will I have in my home per year

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How to short-notice stays work?

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Do owners have a priority rank order for scheduling?

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Can i book back-to-back stays?

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